BREXIT: reciente actualización (8/10/19) de la lista provisional de aranceles

Nos complace remitirle la información recibida desde la Dirección General de Política Comercial (Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo) en referencia a la reciente actualización (8 octubre 2019) de la lista provisional de aranceles que el Reino Unido publicó en marzo pasado.


Los cambios afectan a:

–          lower tariffs on HGVs (heavy goods vehicle) entering the UK market, striking a better balance between the needs of British producers and the SMEs that make up the UK haulage industry, ensuring that crucial fleet replacement programmes that help to lower carbon emissions can continue

–          adjust tariffs on bioethanol to retain support for UK producers, as the supply of this fuel is important to critical national infrastructure

–          apply tariffs to additional clothing products to ensure the preferential access to the UK market currently available to developing countries (compared to other countries) is maintained